Cinema and its influence on youth essay

Television continues to be a wondrous marvel of the 20th century.

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This way at least they will reduce the time spent watching movies they are not aware of. They try to dress themselves like him and try to act like him. The parents' own hard-earned money is spent by their grown-up boys and girls in watching films which have an adverse impact on character and morals, apart from queering the pitch for the training for good citizenship.

Wednesday, May 1, Essay The film industry consists of a number of institutions, including: They try to dress themselves like him and try to act like him. The producers are misusing cinema for making huge profits.

Some adventurous youth makes advances to a girl, imitating a hero of a film story, and find themselves in trouble. Cinema is a very useful and educative entertainment.

Effect of cinema on Youth

It is a good and easy means of advertisement. Only a handful of talented actors and actresses prosper, while most of the young aspirants have to face intense frustration and utter disappointment because everyone cannot become a cinema hero or heroine. It helps the poor to forget about his poverty and the rich to forget about money-spinning activities.

The cinema, it is said, can serve as a good medium of education and instruction, and the message that can be conveyed through films cannot be conveyed as effectively through any other channel, such as the radio, because of the colourful, visual impact made by gorgeously dressed girls conducting themselves in a particular fashion, defying their parents and guardians, challenging their judgment, describing them as old-fashioned etc.

Short Speech on “Influence of Cinema on Youth”

Our film producers have made very purposeful films to collect public opinion against some of the social evils as dowry system, the labour exploitation. Documentary films lead us to a street in New York are to a park of Tokyo. At last, one great impact that movies can have on adolescents and young children is violence.

Essay on the Influence of Television on Youth

Both rural and urban youth thus fall victims to vicious temptations. People develop emotional sympathy and prepare themselves mentally for the change.

Education and other experts have repeatedly found that the main source of eve teasing and assaults on girls in our towns and cities, in the market place and elsewhere, is the cinema.

Cinema has a great commercial value also. These films increase our knowledge, broaden our outlook. Indian cinema covers so vast a field that no one escapes its influence.

They have become all encompassing and their attitude has also evolved to the probing eye of the level of omnipresent and omnipotent. Things and articles can be shown in practical use through the films.

The elderly people go to see some religious films, children have films meant for them and the young find love stories quite absorbing. It has created a better understanding and goodwill among different countries by showing their social, economic and cultural life.

Instead of imbibing the basic virtues of life, our youth begin to think of flirting and seducing, like the screen heroes. Each part proved how children decreased their abilities in certain areas.Free sample essay on the Influence of Television on Youth.

Essay on Uses and Abuses of Cinema

Television today is one of the most powerful media available to the common man through which he has the facility of getting updated regarding the current news of the world.

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Order now Influences of Social Media on the Youth. Indian Cinema And Its Impact On Society Film Studies Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, The cinema exercises a great influence on the mind of the people.

Films can go a long way towards arousing national consciousness and also in utilising the energies of the youth in social reconstruc­tion and nation-building by a. Sep 11,  · The influence of cinema can not be underestimated for, cinema is a visual aid to learning.

Short essay on the Impact Of Cinema On Social Life

So what is seen on the cinema screen is automatically assimilated by those who see the picture. Now, what is to be measured is the depth and amount of influence on different individuals. Introduction. Movies nowadays leave a great impact on the minds of people. The effect of cinema on youth can be easily observed.

Not only its effect can be seen on the elders of rural and urban areas but on the children as well. The influence of the cinema on children and adolescents An annotated The attitude of youth towards the cinema .

18 relation to other leisure activities in this world debate on the cinema's influence itis possible, without taking a show of hands, to gauge.

Cinema and its influence on youth essay
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